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Everything Significant Happens At The Fringe

Your intuition and curiosity brought you here…

Can You Relate?

Our society and media present a pessimistic view of third age. For the most of our lives it’s expected from us to conform to societal standards of youth and beauty. And once they are gone…we’re stuck on a predetermined path - mental and physical decline, loss of independence, feelings of hopelessness and wasted youth… leading to fears of being marginalised, being invisible, not being valued. This is so deeply ingrained in the popular mindset that it’s rarely questioned.

These stereotypes are disempowering, outdated and plain wrong! You don’t stop to develop and grow as an individual just because you’re in your prime. You’re now at the right stage in your life to explore new experiences and opportunities. Change and transformation are not only possible, but very rewarding.

I started The Fringe to show a new approach to living a long, healthy, adventurous and fulfilling life, so that you can make your third age the best period ever.

Here’s what I will be writing about:

• How to defeat ageing through science, technology and the right attitude
• How to transform yourself through good habits and routines
• How to acquire new skills and have courage to change careers
• How to start a business with all the experience and wisdom you now have
• How to be fabulous in your third age, both inside and outside
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