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I’m Tatiana Zalan

I’m a business professor, an entrepreneur and advisor to startups. 

I hold semi-controversial beliefs about life and business. I like fringe ideas and people who go against the grain and have a spiritual and creative bent. 

I’m formally studying psychotherapy to understand human nature and the way our mind works. 

I’ve changed careers, universities, companies, cities and continents. I’ve learnt to live through uncertainty, and I’m still learning. 

I’m also a wife, a mother and a daughter. 

Dr Tatiana Zalan (MA, MBA, PhD)

Dr Tatiana Zalan has 30+ years of experience in business and academia across Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 

In Australia she was on the faculty of the University of Melbourne, University of South Australia and Torrens University. 

Tatiana’s recent business experience includes two startups, one of them being a new private university in Australia, where she was the MBA Programme Director. 

Tatiana has published in academic journals, received research and teaching awards and frequently presents at international academic and industry conferences on topics related to strategy, digital disruption, innovation, entrepreneurship, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Tatiana works with executives and entrepreneurs who use digital technologies to build things that matter.
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I sometimes agree to training workshops and speaking engagements for both public and private events on topics related to innovation and disruption. I do not do consulting.

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